Well, I’ve not posted much in like a month. Which is typical of me, since I’m not really one of those people who start a blog and actually post things to it. But hey, I’m doing stuff! I even have pictures to prove it.

Basically we finished siding most of the bathroom, and then I hired my friend Reuben to paint all the gable ends and eaves olive green. Behold!

Reuben painted the eaves around the entire house to match.

Masking around the pergola was a serious pain.

Here is one of the porch posts in dire need of fresh paint. Reuben said the last time the house was painted, nobody washed the house first. So that paint stuck to the dirt on the previous layer of paint. And the previous layer of paint was really old already and not well-bonded. Hence the enormous amount of old and old old paint flakes all over the ground. Some of the wood was rotting, too, since the bad paint job was trapping moisture behind it after rains.

Here is Reuben painting. He did most of the work. And it was hot. It was a wonder we weren’t more grumpy than we were. Reuben works really hard. As he did some final touch-ups (when I’d expected he’d be heading out already), he told me it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. I told him that was a real bummer because I didn’t know any fat ladies around, and it might be a while before one showed up to do any singing.

Our new front porch. There used to be ratty lattice screening it from the street, but I took it down to paint. If I put it back up, it will be smaller (and prettier) so the honeysuckle can climb the posts. The old color was what the windows still are. The new paint makes the rest of the original house look like crap. Well, one thing at a time!


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