Monthly Archives: August 2012

It’s been a while since the last post. We took June off and went to Georgia for a family vacation. In July, we switched preschools for the kids and at the end of the month, Ellen started kindergarten. Yay!

As for the bathroom addition, I put in three weekends in July to finish the rough electrical. I’d never done much electrical and was worried about my work being inspected, but I did my homework, did the best job I could, and we passed without a hitch. Yay again! So now we have lights and power in the bathroom.

August is the month of plumbing. Our next inspection is for all the drains, vents, and supply lines run behind drywall. This past weekend I completed the drains and vents. In a couple weeks I will do the supply lines, so now I am studying pex piping.

In September I plan to take the week off around Labor day. That week we will complete the rough plumbing and framing inspections, and presuming we pass, we’ll be doing the drywall. By the end of that week we should have the room drywalled, painted, and open to the rest of the house!

In October, it’s time to start on the shower and interior finishes. Like staining the concrete floor and installing cabinets, tile, trim, doors, and so forth.

By November, we should have all the fixtures installed and useable. No more trips to the shed to do laundry. We should be able to use the shower, toilet, and sinks. We might not be quite ready for a final inspection, though, as there will need to be a step or ramp for the exterior door, and a bunch of other details.