Passed inspections!

We passed a whole bunch of inspections over the past few days, yay! We’ve now passed all our inspections pre-drywall and are now on the downhill slope. We decided to hire out the drywall and tile, since both can be quite time-consuming and the cost savings over DIY are not that much relative to, say, plumbing.

Presently I am installing batt insulation in the ceiling; I have to be done by Friday because that’s when the drywallers come in. I’ve only got the evenings to work, though; hopefully I can work fast when it’s 8pm and I’ve already spent all day in the office or chasing kids at home.

Also working on the greywater line. It involves digging a lot of trenches. The ground is really hard so it is conducive to very big and very sore muscles. I hired Caleb’s brother Daniel to do most of the digging so I could just lay the pipe. He gets the muscles and I get black ABS cement on my hands.


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