I stained our concrete floor with fertilizer. On purpose.

Andrea and I think it looks awesome. It was also absurdly cheap and easy to do. So absurdly cheap and easy, it was harder to write this blog post than stain the floor. Okay, maybe that’s because I am actually not a fan of writing blog posts and uploading pictures, and I have more fun installing toilets than using a computer, but still… absurdly cheap and easy.

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We are presently in the middle of installing the redwood siding. This weekend Caleb and I installed the horizontal redwood lap siding on the west wall, and finished preparing the east wall.

We are using 12′ long redwood 1×6 boards, construction heart grade and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. This means that the boards came from sustainably managed forests, and the trees were neither harvested by clear-cutting nor were old growth. There is no way and no how I would use redwood that was not FSC-certified or reclaimed. “Construction heart” means the wood has knots in it, but is all heartwood and therefore has higher resistance to decay and insects. It should last a very long time.

I picked up 45 boards, special ordered from Big Orange. About half will be stained, half painted, depending on where they will be installed.

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