Monthly Archives: January 2013

The most exciting thing for me lately has been our new door bell. This is no ordinary door bell. How could an ordinary door bell be all that exciting, anyway? No, this is a unique and totally awesome DIY door bell. And it’s a door bell with a backstory that involves a dilapidated fence, new gates, and a fruitless search for an old-fashioned farm bell.
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December was interesting. Wifey was in hospital for a planned surgery. It was supposed to be 3-5 days for recovery before being discharged home. It turned into two surgeries, fifteen days in hospital, and two weeks at her parents’ before coming home. Thankfully she was discharged before Christmas, so we didn’t have to have Christmas dinner in the Tucson Medical Center cafeteria. We expect her home this weekend; she’s doing well and we’re excited to have her back in the house!

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